This service means that we will send our customers a rebuilt ECU from our stock in exchange for their existing faulty ECU core.

To exchange an ECU core, do the following:

  1. Find on the website the exact ECU core that fits your car by selecting the make, model and year. 

  2. Now, you place the order for exchanging the core.


  • Upon order placement, we collect an initial deposit which is known as Core Charge.
  • We collect this to ensure that the customer will return to us a rebuildable core. 


  1. We ship a completely programmed and Plug and Play core to the customer. You can put it in the car and it will start the car without any trouble or additional programming. 


In case there is any problem with the received ECU; you will be informed what to do about it at the time of purchase.

  1. After receiving the rebuilt ECU, the customer needs to send back the faulty core to us. Upon receiving, we will immediately refund the Core Charge we collected at the time of purchase. 

Core Charge Refund Policies

  • Return the ECU core within 5 days of rebuilt core receive date to receive the core charge 

  • Additional charges and canceled warranty will be subjected in case you do not return the old ECU core within 5 days of receiving your new rebuilt ECU.

  • Irreparable ECU’s due to water, fire or manipulation of any sort, might receive a partial or no refund at all. 


All our exchanged cores come with a 5-year conditional warranty.