This process explains how to find and remove the EWS security systems in all BMW’s that use EWS 3. To remove EWS:

  1. EWS box looks like a white box with a black connector and is located right under the steering column over to the left-hand side.

  2. To get to this place under the steering, you have to loosen the black piece of plastic. The plastic is attached with the help of a few Phillip head screws which can be easily removed.

  3. Once completely, removed look under the steering and you will see the EWS located right over the pedals to the left-hand side.

  4. The EWS is held tight with two 10 millimeter knots that are very easy to disconnect by hand. It is recommended that you use a ratchet with an extension to easily release the knots.  



Whenever we work on your engine computer, you always need to send it with one key and your EWS.