This process provides certain tips on how to ship the damaged ECU properly. Let’s take a look at these simple instructions that can aid in expediting the diagnosing and fixing process of the ECU and help get your car back on the road in the shortest possible time span.

  1. First of all use a clean, simple and compact packaging, bubble wrap, foam paper, etc. must be used.

  2. In case you need to send extra parts like clips, eprom memories, etc., please attach to the ECU with masking tape.


Caution: Specialized ECU Repair will not be responsible for extra parts lost during shipping or for extra parts not declared on the Repair and Return Form.

  1. Include a copy of ECU Repair Form from the website, which must include basic information like address and telephone number.

  2. Essential information like transmission type and VIN number must also be included.

  3. A clear explanation of the issue with the car and how to replicate the issue. For instance, does the car gives trouble while it is hot or cold, etc.? This information will help us in accurate and quick diagnostics of the ECU.

  4. Entire computer set, key, EWS or Immobilizer, and ECU must be sent and it is imperative for all cars manufactured after 1999 as they use security systems.


Highly Recommended

  1. Check and verify from our website, which controls modules we require from the car to service the unit
  2. If you follow all the instructions properly, the diagnostic and fixing process of ECU will go smooth, otherwise, the technicians would need to wait for parts or other important information to carry out their work.