This process explains how to program a remote fob for keyless entry into a 1997 Porsche Boxster. This feature can be programmed but it depends on certain conditions. In 1997, when Boxster was being manufactured they came with very basic and limited features. There are 3 ways that can tell you if the key can be programmed or not:

  1. In case your car key is simple and has no remote or chip in it then it cannot be programmed for keyless entry.

  2. If you can get to the immobilizer of the car and it says M531 then this generation does not have an antenna to receive signals from the remote.

  3. Call the dealership with your VIN number and ask them to sell you a remote for your car. If they say there is no such remote available then you cannot program keyless entry for your car.  



In case the immobilizer says something else than M531, then you can send us your complete computer set and we can program the new remote and keys for your car. Everything we deliver is properly tested and in plug and play condition.