have sent you a “blank” BMW DME already programmed to your specific vehicle.


This unit needs to be synchronized with your car’s EWS anti-theft system in order to work.


To synchronize the blank DME to your car, you’ll need a BMW Compatible scanner which has the function to “Align” or “Synchronize” our DME to your EWS. Below is a list of the most popular BMW scanners that we know for sure, have the function to do this procedure.


  • ISTA
  • GT1 / DIS
  • Autologic
  • Launch X-431
  • INPA
  • PA Soft


There might be other BMW compatible scanners, but you will have to check with the manufacturer if they have the function to synchronize the DME to the EWS.


Every scanner has different steps that you need to follow in order to do the alignment. However, in general, this is how it is done:


  1. Make sure that your car’s battery is fully charged. (This is important because the voltage cannot drop below 12 Volts during the synchronization.)

  2. Connect the scanner to the car either through the OBD2 port or, if the car has a Round Plug connector under the hood, use that one.

  3. DO NOT start the car, but turn the key to the ON position.

  4. Follow the steps in the scanner to select the model and year of your car.

  5. Then go to DME or ECU. (This is usually the section where you check for fault codes.)

  6. There should be an option available for “DME-EWS alignment” or “synchronization” or “calibration”.

  7. After you go through that process you have to turn the key to the OFF position for at least 25 seconds.

  8. Then start the car.


When you are finished synchronizing the DME to your car, it is very important to delete all the fault codes and reset all the adaptations in the DME. Otherwise, you may get an incorrect fault codes or a check engine light.