Ignition Spark is not present.

Check individual spark plugs, coils, coil packs or distributor signals.

There is no fuel being delivered to the cylinders.

Check for fuel pump pressure at the fuel rail and that your injectors are ringing. Also, check your fuses

Main / DME Relay went bad.

The relay went bad, or connections under the relay box are compromised. These are cheap and easy to replace.

The Crankshaft Reference Sensor is not working properly.

With a Multimeter test the Crankshaft Reference Sensor (See our YouTube video). Also, sometimes in modern cars, you can use your scan tool to see if your ECU is detecting an RPM signal.

Broken, short-circuited, dirty or corroded Control Unit harness connectors causing bad contacts.

Ensure all the Control Unit harness connectors are not broken

or have a short-circuit problem. Also, clean any rust or corrosion.

Ensure a tight ­fit.

No compression in the cylinders or the engine.

Perform a compression check on all the cylinders.

Engine or Distributor timing is off‑.

Ensure that the timing is correctly set.

The EWS and DME are not in sync

(BMW models after 1995).

With a BMW compatible scanner, perform a DME to EWS alignment.



Some of the testing procedures described in this guide could be dangerous if done improperly. We recommend that they are performed by an ASE certified mechanic




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