O2 Sensors may not be working properly.

Try disconnecting the O2 sensors while the car is running to see if you notice an improvement. Ensure these sensors are the correct part number for the car

The Throttle Body could have problems or its own, it not properly "adapted", or it is the wrong one for the car.

In modern cars, you need to perform a Throttle Body adaptation procedure. You should also ensure that the Throttle body is the correct part number for that car. Make sure that the throttle Body opens up when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

The Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor could be bad.

Make sure that the Throttle Body opens up when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

There may be vacuum air leaks in the system.

Make sure that all hoses on the air intake system are securely attached. You can also perform a smoke test to detect any air leaks.

The airflow or air mass meter is not working correctly.

Try disconnecting these air meters to see if the car is able to stay running without them. This might may indicate you could have a bad air meter. Also, extremely dirty air meters, it should be replaced.


The exhaust/catalytic converter may be restricted or plugged.

Ensure that the exhaust system is clean so that the car can exhale freely. The catalytic converter has to be working correctly.



Some of the testing procedures described in this guide could be dangerous if done improperly. We recommend that they are performed by an ASE certified mechanic




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